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Canterbury Varsity Match 2016

Saturday 21st May

Track Results

Event:Position:Athlete No:Name:Club:Time:
400mH M Time :13:06
13Oliver CooperInvicta East Kent62.76
222Jacob RainerUniversity of Kent 64.60
32Joe GuntonUniversity of Kent 69.90
41Charlie WinchCanterbury Christ Church71.59
400mH W Time :13:13
12Emily CartledgeUniversity of Kent 78.10
222Kelly MavididiUniversity of Kent1:41.12
100m M Time :13:22
Heat:1 Wind : -4.9
13Max HeavensInvicta East Kent11.53
22Sean ValandUniversity of Kent 11.77
322Diego CantoniUniversity of Kent 11.85
41Darren CassarCanterbury Christ Church11.94
533Ben SmallInvicta East Kent11.94
100m W Time :13:24
Heat:1 Wind : -1.0
12Lauren RuleUniversity of Kent 12.91
21Laura ReillyCanterbury Christ Church13.08
33Louise EvansInvicta East Kent13.11
422Charlotte KeaneUniversity of Kent 13.37
511Catlin BensteadCanterbury Christ Church14.41
100m NS Time :13:32
Heat:1 Wind : -2.7
11173Djamilla NkereuwemInvicta East Kent13.78
21197Hannah ScrivensInvicta East Kent13.97
31180Lauren MaceyInvicta East Kent14.08
41175Isabelle HardingInvicta East Kent14.23
51174Marie CurryInvicta East Kent14.85
100m NS Time :13:32
Heat:2 Wind : -2.7
11185Jack KempInvicta East Kent12.16
21183Christopher NoyInvicta East Kent12.25
31293Leslie LarteyUniversity of Kent12.77
41184Henry James FinchInvicta East Kent14.64
400m M Time :13:43
122Jahdo VanterpoolUniversity of Kent 54.74
23Cole GibbonsInvicta East Kent55.37
31Ben ShambrookCanterbury Christ Church59.60
433Christopher NoyInvicta East Kent60.67
52Leslie LarteyUniversity of Kent 62.72
611Steve BarberCanterbury Christ Church63.13
400m W Time :13:45
12Lauren RuleUniversity of Kent 58.68
222Kelly MavididiUniversity of Kent 60.80
31Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church65.03
411Aegean LeechCanterbury Christ Church74.66
1500m W Time :14:01
12Laura SwannUniversity of Kent 6:49.37
222Keren HollandsUniversity of Kent 7:13.82
1500m M Time :14:01
122Ben MurphyUniversity of Kent 4:13.69
2395Charlie BrisleyInvicta East Kent4:33.21
32Andrew HeadleyUniversity of Kent 4:35.73
4396Oscar ParrickInvicta East Kent4:41.06
5400Alex HollidayInvicta East Kent5:16.85
61199Stuart HendersonUniversity of Kent5:42.12
71Marios StamatiouCanterbury Christ Church5:49.88
811Dan MartinCanterbury Christ Church6:42.02
3000m M Time :14:37
12Ben WilsonUniversity of Kent 10:18.64
2395Sol McGuireUniversity of Kent10:58.78
33Stephen BurtInvicta East Kent10:59.48
41Charlie WinchCanterbury Christ Church11:12.72
522Austen ThygesenUniversity of Kent 11:30.56
633Jamie WatsonInvicta East Kent11:31.02
711Steve BarberCanterbury Christ Church12:21.56
3000m W Time :14:37
13Gemma BarnesInvicta East Kent12:26.51
22Mathilde FormetUniversity of Kent 12:43.52
333Winta TekleInvicta East Kent13:54.47
422Ennatuhun SolerUniversity of Kent 14:01.59
200m M Time :14:45
Heat:1 Wind : 1.0
13Max HeavensInvicta East Kent23.07
222Sean ValandUniversity of Kent 23.62
333Jacob BurtonInvicta East Kent24.06
42Jahdo VanterpoolUniversity of Kent 24.09
511Darren CassarCanterbury Christ Church24.28
61Charlie SingletonCanterbury Christ Church24.30
200m W Time :14:47
Heat:1 Wind : 1.0
12Lauren RuleUniversity of Kent 26.61
23Louise EvansInvicta East Kent27.02
322Kelly MavididiUniversity of Kent 28.46
41Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church29.11
511Selina JesseyCanterbury Christ Church32.48
200m NS Time :14:51
Heat:1 Wind : -0.8
11173Djamilla Nkereuwem 28.36
21184Henry James Finch 29.20
31197Hannah Scrivens 29.35
41175Isabelle Harding 29.53
51180Lauren Macey 29.68
800m M Time :15:03
12James McKenzieUniversity of Kent 1:58.95
222Jacob RainerUniversity of Kent 2:12.81
33Joseph GriffithsInvicta East Kent2:18.20
41Matt CarterCanterbury Christ Church2:50.29
511Dan MartinCanterbury Christ Church3:12.50
800m W Time :15:03
1398Alexandra MillardInvicta East Kent2:29.69
2397Louise FlynnInvicta East Kent2:37.72
31Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church2:58.01
4x100m M Time :15:31
13 Invicta East Kent45.32
22 University of Kent 46.58
322 University of Kent 49.36
41 Canterbury Christ Church49.41
4x100m W Time :15:37
12 University of Kent 53.10
21 Canterbury Christ Church53.62
33 Invicta East Kent57.11
411 Canterbury Christ Church59.92
4x400m M Time :15:53
12 University of Kent 3:45.90
23 Invicta East Kent3:50.66
22 University of Kent DIS
1 Canterbury Christ ChurchDNF
4x400m W Time :16:00
13 Invicta East Kent4:15.27
22 University of Kent 4:20.75
31 Canterbury Christ Church4:47.54

Field Results

Event:Position:Name:Club:Distance:.Attempt 1Attempt 2:Attempt 3:
Long Jump W
1Caitlin BensteadCanterbury Christ Church4.54.5
2Daphnee RiesUniversity of Kent4.243.314.24
3Vanessa SaundersUniversity of Kent3.943.83.94
4Elise FosterCanterbury Christ Church2.672.672.572.3
Long Jump W (h2)
1Lauren MaceyInvicta East Kent4.243.923.474.24
2Isabelle HardingInvicta East Kent4.193.743.924.19
Long Jump M
1Charlie ShingletonCanterbury Christ Church6.
2Okemdi ChukwuUniversity of Kent5.935.415.535.93
3Diego CantoniUniversity of Kent5.895.795.845.89
4Darren CassarCanterbury Christ Church5.535.415.534.49
Long Jump M (h2)
1Douglas NoelInvicta East Kent5.23-5.135.23
2Indigo WarrenInvicta East Kent4.633.91-4.63
Triple Jump M
1Okemdi ChukwuUniversity of Kent12.4512.2612.2112.45
2Diego CantoniUniversity of Kent11.33--11.33
3Matt CarterCanterbury Christ Church9.
Triple Jump W
1Vanessa SaundersUniversity of Kent8.788.298.788.64
2Caitlin MellorInvicta East Kent7.827.827.387.41
3Elise FosterCanterbury Christ Church5.595.59-5.34
Javelin M
1Joe GuntonUniversity of Kent43.0936.442.943.09
2Ben SmallInvicta East Kent40.4638.6340.4639.66
3Oliver CooperInvicta East Kent34.3733.5534.3733.65
4Charlie ShingletonCanterbury Christ Church27.2518.7519.0827.25
5Harry FielderUniversity of Kent24.4621.9224.46-
6Matt CarterCanterbury Christ Church10.1510.15--
Javelin W
1Jasmine HardingInvicta East Kent29.3429.3-29.34
2Emily CartledgeUniversity of Kent27.6627.662527.44
3Aegean LeechCanterbury Christ Church25.1225.1221.8120.65
4Biba ChutaCanterbury Christ Church16.2116.2114.9214.01
Shot W1Niamh MooneyCanterbury Christ Church9.669.158.529.66
2Emily CartledgeUniversity of Kent8.978.518.938.97
3Daphnee RiesUniversity of Kent8.928.92--
4Elise FosterCanterbury Christ Church6.
Shot W (h2)
1Aegean LeechCanterbury Christ Church8.428.427.357.81
2Biba ChutaCanterbury Christ Church6.556.526.256.55
Shot M
1Douglas NoelInvicta East Kent9.19.1--
2Marios StamatiouCanterbury Christ Church8.49-8.49-
3Okemdi ChukwuUniversity of Kent8.488.487.18-
4Harry FielderUniversity of Kent7.477.476.957.27
5John GilbertInvicta East Kent6.65.996.356.6
6Arran ClaringboldCanterbury Christ Church5.393.594.965.39

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