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Track Athletics Canterbury Results 2015

24th June 2015

Position:Athlete No:Name:Club:Age Category:Gender:Time:
75m U11 Time :18:08
Heat:1 Wind : 0.5
1214Millie Fraser U11Female15.49
2223Yasmine Wright U11Female15.57
3232Lola Tilbury-Mason U11Female18.21
4219Melissa White U11Female20.08
5221Eva Edwards U11Female20.93
75m U11 Time :18:08
Heat:2 Wind : 0.5
1208Beth Lednor Tonbridge ACU11Female12.41
2234Darcey Hobbs Thanet RoadrunnersU11Female13.11
3216Isabella-May Wilson U11Female14.81
4224Millie Price U11Female15.73
5217Maisy Wilson U11Female16.22
75m U11 Time :18:08
Heat:3 Wind : -0.9
1218Louis Fillipone U11Male12.63
2215Harvey Cudworth U11Male13.50
3229Isaac Sellwood U11Male13.67
4220Matt Edwards U11Male16.53
1500m Time :18:23
1230Andrew Noble Folkestone Running ClubVET50Male5:03.45
2210Diminic Woolford Folkestone Running ClubSENIORMale5:05.09
3209Nikki Goodwin Folkestone Running ClubVET35Female5:41.41
4212James Long Folkestone Running ClubU15Male5:48.43
600m U11 Time :18:42
1208Beth Lednor Tonbridge ACU11Female2:01.44
2244Oliver Harding Invicta East KentU11Male2:01.84
3218Louis Fillipone U11Male2:24.36
4234Darcey Hobbs Thanet RoadrunnersU11Female2:28.62
5215Harvey Cudworth U11Male2:39.61
6229Isaac Sellwood U11Male2:47.11
7220Matt Edwards U11Male3:14.81
600m U11 Time :18:42
1223Yasmine Wright U11Female2:53.51
2216Isabella-May Wilson U11Female3:07.89
3214Millie Fraser U11Female3:19.10
4217Maisy Wilson U11Female3:27.09
5224Millie Price U11Female3:30.94
6232Lola Tilbury-Mason U11Female3:31.88
7219Melissa White U11Female4:36.58
8221Eva Edwards U11Female4:37.45
100m Time :19:01
Heat:1 Wind : 1.2
1227Jazmin Salter Medway and Maidstone ACU20Female12.82
2222Tom Phillips Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACVET60Male12.88
3246Jasmine Harding Invicta East KentU17Female14.17
4228Hannah Scrivens Invicta East KentU15Female14.21
100m Time :19:01
Heat:2 Wind : 1.7
1241Henry Thomson SENIORMale14.39
2233Stephen Hobbs Canterbury HarriersVET40Male15.42
3236Caroline Curtis Folkestone Running ClubVET45Female15.98
4225Tegan Salter Medway and Maidstone ACU13Female16.54
5226Summer Salter Medway and Maidstone ACU13Female17.22
100m Time :19:01
Heat:3 Wind : 0.8
1108Jaffer Adams Invicta East KentU20male11.58
2107Maximilian Heavens Invicta East KentU20Male11.60
3247Jack Mullin Invicta East KentU20Male12.15
4248Luke Williams Invicta East KentU13Male13.62
5209Nikki Goodwin Folkestone Running ClubVET35Female16.36
800m Time :19:15
1112Emily McKane Invicta East KentU20Female2:20.50
2121Mick Dennis Folkestone Running ClubVET40Male2:26.72
3117Alastair Sanders Folkestone Running ClubU17Male2:33.07
4106Connor Neal Thanet ACU15Male2:33.35
5105Amy Piper Thanet RoadrunnersU15Female2:35.33
6111Benjamin Jeffery Folkestone Running ClubU17Male2:36.92
7109Rebecca Hales Thanet RoadrunnersU15Female2:39.91
8236Caroline Curtis Folkestone Running ClubVET45Female2:46.21
9110Deborah Jeffery Folkestone Running ClubVET45Female2:48.98
10245Isabelle Harding Invicta East KentU13Female2:49.87
11116Leanne Yore Folkestone Running ClubU17Female3:06.94
12115Darren Yore Folkestone Running ClubU17Male3:23.43
5000m Time :20:21
1128Thomas Millard Canterbury HarriersSENIORMale16:16.32
2119Terry Reeves Folkestone Running ClubSENIORMale16:29.42
3114Phil Hoyland Folkestone Running ClubSENIORMale16:37.36
4249Stephen O'Brien Folkestone Running ClubSENIORMale16:52.24
5118Damian Coleman Deal TriVET40Male17:10.97
6130Martin King South Kent HarriersSENIORMale17:58.35
7126John Matthews Canterbury HarriersVET40Male17:58.37
8239Alex Horsley Canterbury HarriersSENIORMale17:59.28
9250Kevin Newman Folkestone Running ClubSENIORMale18:11.50
10129Yiannis Christodoulou Canterbury HarriersSENIORMale18:16.24
11238James Scanlon Canterbury HarriersU20Male18:47.20
12235Tim Warren Folkestone Running ClubVET40Male18:59.60
233Stephen Hobbs Canterbury HarriersVET40MaleDNF
127Pete Davey Medway and Maidstone ACSENIORMaleDNF
5000m Time :20:21
1240Wim van Vuuren Canterbury HarriersVET40Male20:15.64
2122Gavin Knight Invicta East KentVET50Male21:08.96
3113Fiona Tester Canterbury HarriersVET35Female21:28.65
4123Dan Campbell RunfitVET35Male21:47.19
5251Vicky-Talbot-Rosner Invicta East KentVET50Female22:05.15
6243Alan Fletcher Folkestone Running ClubVET60Male24:04.95
7237Richard Hudson Canterbury HarriersVET50Male24:18.90
8231Angela Saunders Folkestone Running ClubSENIORFemale24:51.79
9213Emma Long Folkestone Running ClubVET45Female25:09.42
125Jai Embleton SENIORFemaleDNF
124Rob Embleton VET40MaleDNF
200m Time :20:32
Heat:1 Wind : 0.3
1107Maximilian Heavens Invicta East KentU20Male23.20
2108Jaffer Adams Invicta East KentU20male23.57
3247Jack Mullin Invicta East KentU20Male24.42
4132Oliver Shulver Medway and Maidstone ACU20Male24.77
5227Jazmin Salter Medway and Maidstone ACU20Female27.01
200m Time :20:32
Heat:2 Wind : -0.5
1222Tom Phillips Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACVET60Male26.85
2211Josh Taylor U20Male31.16
3120Lauren Dennis Folkestone Running ClubU17Female31.86
4133Joanna Peers Folkestone Running ClubVET45Female37.96
200m Time :20:32
Heat:3 Wind : 0.2
1248Luke Williams Invicta East KentU13Male27.79
2228Hannah Scrivens Invicta East KentU15Female29.91
3245Isabelle Harding Invicta East KentU13Female31.43
300m Time :20:38
1131Chris Monticolombi SENIORMale41.69
2242Louise Evans Invicta East KentU15Female41.81
400m Time :20:45
1230Andrew NobleFolkestone Running ClubVET50Male66.72

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